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New Featured Book: "You, Yourself, and God" $12 on Barnes and Noble


Book list The Boy Next Door Five Foolish Frogs Who Made the Owls Who Made the Owls Kindle Who's Whooo Among the Owls Can You Fly Like an Eagle Buy Nonfiction Read Alouds

Baby and Toddler Books


baby books

Good, Clean Fantasy.

Having trouble falling asleep? Let your mind drift to another world. Great for Narnia fans!



Intelligent Design Series

Backed up with many speakers from Midwest Creation Fellowship, these books are here to answer questions that most nature programs cast doubts about when it comes to the Bible.

One will never look at nature the same way again.


Including Adult Coloring Books and Read Alouds


Kid's Coloring Books


Illustrated by Natalie Totire Brinley


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Other books
OA Books
Other books

Pat Brannon Books

Pat Brannon Books

Encouragement Books for Adults and Adult Resources

adult literature


Puppets: The Good, Old-Fashioned Teaching Tool

Lacking visuals? On a mission trip with no computerized resources?


Direct Paypal link available, but meanwhile, not too busy for direct contact:





puppets 2

puppet list3

Plush: Furry Friends

Please use direct PayPal link to purchase



Cards and Gifts

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