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Children's Book Illustrations, Formatting, and Help with Self-Publishing

Yes, CourageLit offers services to illustrate and even edit your children's book, which includes using software to format it altogether for you. Natalie will ask to see your script.and come to an agreement on the style. If you feel lost about a certain style, scroll further down. Once the style is chosen, Natalie will design you a sample page. If you are satisfied, she will collect half of the down payment via check, money order, or paypal. She will proceed in making a book dummy (rough draft) together with the script while working with you. She will keep rapport with you and show you weekly progress. If you or someone else formats the book, the illustrations will be sent at 300dpi CD-R or PDF after full payment is received. On top, if you have worked with Natalie, you will not need to pay extra to have your book published in this website under "products".

CourageLit follows Biblical principles. Therefore, Natalie will not illustrate books or create art that condones: profanity, obscenity, hatred, witchcraft, graphic images, the occult or paranormal, immorality, or lifestyles/ philosophies counter to Biblical standards.

The type of illustrations you are looking for depends on the age range. Preschoolers go well with simple, cartoonish illustrations and picture books. Children after the age of six like more realistic illustrations. In late elementary age, picture books give way to chapter books and black and white illustrations.

What you are looking for also depends on the price. Here are the pros and cons:

Digital illustrations is cheaper and faster if creating a cartoonish picture book. The cons is that it looks more superficial and lacks detail for an author who wants to add class to the story.

Watercolor is also fast, cheap, and whimsical, but may not create coloring as vivid. This is one of the most popular mediums used in children's book illustrations.

Colored pencils illustrations are more realistic and provide more of a warm, classy feeling to the story, but they do cost more and are more time-consuming. They are good for bedtime stories and heart-warming stories, but not so good with reading to a large group of children.

Acrylic illustrations are brighter, more detailed, and more vivid. They are good for reading a book to a large group of children. However, these are also more time-consuming than watercolor.

Oil color is good for realistic illustrations, best for older children and book covers, and it is more costly.

Pen and ink is good for chapter stories, and it is super cheap and cheaper to print out.

Amazon Reviews:

Reviews of what other people are saying:

(Pat Brannon's "Elijah" book) "...Every page is full of delightful illustrations to lead the reader through a lovely alphabet adventure..."

(Pat Brannon's "My Misguided Wish List") "...The illustrations are lovely and the story will be a great addition to your collection."

( Pat Brannon's "Pip's Ridiculous Road Trip") "... I read this book to my three youngest grandkids this weekend (ages 1, 4, and 5) and they loved it. It is very well illustrated, which my youngest loved...my granddaughter thought the skunk was especially funny."

"The colorful illustrations enhanced the story told in rhyme."

(Rosemary Calkin's "Good Can Come From There"). "The illustrations are done in a way that keeps little ones engaged. Very cute book!"

fantasy Complex Watercolor.......Around $50/page at sliding scale
Super Rainbow Girl Simple Watercolor.........Around $15/page

Custom-made Greeting Card- $15 and up

$2.00-$3.00 for each printout.

mountain climber


Colored Pencil...............$150/page at sliding scale

Acrylic..............$120/page at sliding scale
digital Complex Digital.......$80/page at sliding scale

Complex Pen&Ink $50/page at sliding scale

Simple Black&white ink....$15/page



Portraits and Caricatures


Natalie has made portraits in oil, pencil, and pastel. The standard sizes are 16x20, 11x14, and 8x10.

Portraits in oil start at $200 per face. Please allow two weeks, as it takes time for these to dry.

pencil portrait

Portraits in pastel and pencil start at $100 per face and take at least a week for completion.


Caricatures are done on posterboard or illustration board and standards are the same size.

The price for caricatures is $15 for one face, and $25 for two faces. The price goes up $5 more for each face added.



What about Facepainting and Puppet Shows at Parties?


The average price is $75 for every two hours, but this is negotiable. Natalie has done small paintings on cheek to whole faces.



How Much Does it Cost to Get a Mural Done?


Natalie uses acrylic latex paint for murals, and the price is $200 for every 8 hour work day at a sliding scale. Natalie may travel far to do a mural, but there will be an extra cost to handle transportation.



Book Readings and Simple Puppet Shows

CourageLit offers free book readings and signings at schools, churches, and libraries. Book readings may include simple puppet shows with younger children. Just contact Natalie's e-mail above to schedule. Most of these books have religious content, so this will make a great asset to private schools and home school meetings.



Private Art Classes

Natalie found joy in teaching children art at the Afterschool Enrichment Program, and will be glad to teach private art classes to your child (ren) if you live in the greater Chicagoland area. Natalie has taken art classes herself, including private lessons from Cain Studios. The objectives taught are: perspective drawing, shadowing, basic shapes, and drawing from life. Classes start at $15/hr. Contact Natalie's e-mail above to schedule.